Matt Reeves discusses ’emotional jeopardy’ of The Batman: Part II

It seems that Matt Reeves isn’t quite done exploring the emotional depths of the residents of Gotham City quite yet.

Appearing on the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast with Josh Horowitz, Reeces explained the emotions of the upcoming sequel. “Whatever that story’s going to be, it’s going to be to take these characters and put them in some kind of emotional jeopardy. There’s a deep-dive that already happened at the beginning and now I’m gonna have to deep-dive again,” said Reeves.

According to a recent issue of Production Weekly, The Batman: Part II is due to begin filming at Warner Bros. Levensden Studios in Nov. of this year. This is the same studio that was used for portions of The Batman. On-location shooting took place in both Liverpool, England, and Glasgow, Scotland as well.

While no exterior shooting has been confirmed as of yet, it seems unlikely that the sequel would not use the same locations for the second outing.

Before the film hits theaters, we’ll also see The Penguin series on HBO Max featuring the return of Colin Farrell to the role. It has been confirmed that the series will pick up approximately one week after the end of the first film, and will give us some idea as to where the second film will be heading storywise. Perhaps we will get some hints as to whatever villain is now terrorizing the streets of Gotham.

It was recently announced that The Batman: Part II will hit theaters on Oct. 3, 2025.