DC announces Batman Beyond: Neo Gothic as sequel to Batman Beyond: Neo-Year

Last year, writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing created Batman Beyond: Neo-Year. Spinning out of the pages of Batman: Urban Legends, it followed Terry McGinnis as he coped with the death of Bruce Wayne and had to handle the Batman mantle alone. If that weren’t enough, Gotham itself had become a malicious AI bent on controlling the city and destroying Batman. Only through working with unlikely allies could Terry save the city.

This July, Kelly and Lanzing return with artist Max Dunbar for Batman Beyond: Neo Gothic. Now that the threat of Neo-Gotham itself has been defeated, the remains of old Gotham rise once more:

Children are going missing and being swallowed by the city’s old bones. Batman Beyond will have to go underground, led by a mysterious splicer named Kyle the Catboi, to find the children and confront the city’s buried sins. What happened to the green of the city? What happened to magic? And what villains never left old Gotham?

Batman Beyond: Neo Gothic #1 will be available July 25. The main cover is by Max Dunbar, with open variants by Christian Ward and Ejikure. There is also a 1 in 25 ratio variant cover by Belén Ortega and a 1 in 50 ratio variant cover by Dike Ruan.