James Gunn discusses the tone of Superman: Legacy

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Some fans have expressed concern that James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy would be similar in tone to his Marvel films, but it looks as though those concerns can be set aside.

Despite now being co-chair of DC Studios with Peter Safran, Gunn still has one Marvel Studios project left to promote. He is currently out on the promotional circuit for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and that included an in-depth profile by The Hollywood Reporter. While the majority of the profile talks about his journey with Marvel, including his firing, talk of Superman does get a mention.

“It’s easier to take a character nobody knows, like the Guardians, or Peacemaker, and then do whatever you want with them,” said Gunn. “People in every single country in the world know the story of Superman.”

He shared that that was part of the reason he turned down the character in 2018, but now he has a plan. “How can I make it different from the Superman movies that have been made so far, but also have it respect all the Superman movies that have been made so far? So it just took me some time to try to figure it out.” Gunn went onto add that the movie will not be a comedy, and that he plans to make a ‘sincere superhero movie.’

It was revealed some time ago that Gunn had actually started writing Superman: Legacy prior to his being appointed as the head of DC Studios. At the time a director had not yet been chosen, but it was then confirmed in March that Gunn would be taking on the duties himself.

At this time Gunn has confirmed that no one has been cast in the film, but he is making lists of actors he would be interested in seeing for all of the parts.

Superman: Legacy is scheduled to hit theaters on July 11, 2025.

IMAGE SOURCE: Shutterstock – James Gunn – DFree