QMx announces Q-Master The Batman Who Laughs statue

QMx is back with a new figure which makes The Batman Who Laughs just that much more adorable.

The new QMx The Batman Who Laughs figure shows The Batman Who Laughs and his Robins being just about as cute as can be. We have to hand it to the company, they seem to find a way to make anything cute.

The figure is available exclusively from Entertainment Earth for $299.99.

Just when you thought our twisted take on Batman was scary enough, Batman Who Laughs Q-Master Black, White & Red Variant has taken this “family” feud and made it even darker.

This bold black and white masterpiece features each character with a pair of frightening red eyes. Batman in his evil alter-ego persona is surrounded by minions of wretched Robins, dressed in tattered versions of their classic costume, whose chains Batman is holding in tensely clenched fists. Batman, clad in a frightening buckle outfit and spiked cowl, sports an open-mouth and sharp-toothed grin while Damian Wayne in Dark Robin form crouches close by, ready to strike, and Robin King swoops in from overhead, kneeling against Batman’s shoulder with an ominous smirk.

Towering just over 15-inches, Batman Who Laughs Q-Master Black, White & Red Variant takes an already terrifying conversation piece and enhances it with this disturbing paint app. This statue is cast in Everstone, a proprietary high-temperature polyresin developed by QMx, allowing for intricate details and unmatched durability. The dynamic storytelling in this Q-Master is present from every angle and is so intense, one mischievous Robin is even attempting to crawl right off the statue’s base!

In addition to the compelling Q-Master design you know and love, each Q-Master statue comes in sturdy luxe packaging, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Make sure you get the last laugh. This exclusive limited edition of 500 pieces will disappear right before your eyes.

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