John Cena discusses the future of Peacemaker and DC

Shutterstock - John Cena - Lev Radin
Shutterstock - John Cena - Lev Radin

John Cena has a lot of thoughts about the future of the DC Universe, and the excitement he has for it. He also, finally, explains why he seemed to take the Peacemaker costume with him wherever he went.

Appearing on the Happy Sad Confused podcast in support of Fast X, Cena was asked about his future as Peacemaker. When asked if he thinks there will be a season 2, Cena said, “I hope so,” but there was nothing concrete at this time.

Speaking to the future of DC Universe in general, Cena said, “What I will say is I’m very excited about certainly the new leadership at DC because I love James Gunn as a human being and Peter saffron as well. I have the utmost respect for them as professionals. I’ve never seen people so prepared and who take it so serious and have so much passion for it and aren’t afraid to be themselves what you will see from DC in the future is the heart of James Gunn he is not going to leave anything on the table. He will not make a vanilla movie that says ‘movie’ on the end of it and then serve it to you. He will take chances he will be brash, he’ll do things his way but you will get authentically his creative mind which I think is brilliant.” Cena concluded by saying, “So whether the future DC involves Peacemaker or not, as a fan, and as a friend of James, I’m excited for the future of DC.”

Cena did also address why he conducted all of his interviews in the Peacemaker costume, and there was a method to his thought process. “I used to do all my interviews in the John Cena costume because if you didn’t know who I was after the interview you knew who I was and I took that little nugget to establish the uniform.”

He did add, it took some convincing of DC, however. “I asked to do it and DC kind of didn’t get it at first and then I got to do one Zoom with it on, and they were like yeah you’re wearing it everywhere.”

Fast X is currently playing in theaters.

IMAGE SOURCE: Shutterstock – John Cena – Lev Radin