New The Flash clip shows Michael Keaton’s Batman returning

A new The Flash clip shows more of Michael Keaton’s return to the role of Batman ahead of the film’s release.

As the release of The Flash draws closer and closer, Warner Bros. Discovery has stepped up its marketing, and that includes a new clip. While it’s clearly not his first moment in the film, it shows us what is likely his first time in the Batsuit in this movie.

Judging by how much he has been in the trailers and various marketing materials, it seems as though Keaton will be getting quite a bit of screen time in the upcoming film. Where his character is left when the story concludes remains to be seen. He did film scenes for Batgirl, but with the cancellation of that film, his future in the role seems a bit more uncertain.

The Flash is set to hit theaters on June 16, 2023.