Batman and Catwoman go to war this fall in a DC Comics crossover event

To say that Batman and Catwoman have had a rough few years together would be quite the understatement, what with their romance, almost-marriage, splitting up, getting glimpses of their future, and now what could charitably be called “rocky separation.”

But none of that compares to what’s to come later this year, as the Dark Knight and the Feline Femme Fatale prepare to go to war.

Gotham War, at that.

From writers Chip Zdarsky and Tini Howard, Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War will span across both characters’ respective titles, with Selina Kyle becoming the newest crime boss in Gotham and Batman having to set out to stop her. It’s a twisted sort of love story, in a way, as Howard promises “on the page, we’ve got one of comics’ greatest love stories: the world’s greatest detective and the world’s greatest criminal. And they both love Gotham City. But the course of true love never did run smooth.

In addition to spanning the Batman and Catwoman solo titles, The Gotham War will have dedicated book-ending one-shots subtitled Battle Lines and Scorched Earth, respectively, and the Red Hood will get involved with his own two-part miniseries tying into the event.

This all spins out of this summer’s Knight Terrors event, paving the way for more changes in the DC Universe as part of the Dawn of DC initiative, so stay tuned for more news that’s sure to come soon.

You can learn more about the event on the DC blog. In the meantime, check out the cover gallery below, spanning all titles involved in the event.

The event kicks off August 29 with Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War – Battle Lines #1, when it will be available in comic shops and on all digital platforms.