DC Comics Announces New Birds of Prey Series with Cassandra Cain

On Monday, June 5th, writer Kelly Thompson took to Twitter to announce that she would be writing a new Birds of Prey series for DC Comics, releasing in September. The artwork will be done by artist Leonardo Romero, who revealed a first look at Black Canary, the new leader of the team.

Kelly Thompson teased that there would be a total of 5 members for the new team at the start of the book, using different colored hearts to hint at who they would be. Today, she revealed that the black heart represented Cassandra Cain, who would be making her debut on the team.

This would be the very first time Cassandra Cain has appeared on the Birds of Prey team. In 2020, Cassandra Cain made an appearance in the movie Birds of Prey: and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, but did not become a part of the team. Instead, she chose to follow Harley Quinn as her “apprentice”. In comics, Cass has recently been part of a team of “Batgirls” in the book of the same name by Becky Cloonan and Michael Conrad, as well as DC’s Spirit World comic written by Alyssa Wong.

Thompson promised the rest of the team and details for the book would be announced throughout the week. What do you think of having a new Bird of Prey relaunch?

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