Upcoming Comics June 13, 2023

Hello everyone and welcome back to Upcoming Comics! I hope you’ve all had a great week, and a good start to your upcoming weekend! I know I’ll be busy this Saturday, as I’ll be headed to Fan Expo to check out all the comics, merch, and hear from some great creators! Conventions are a ton of fun, and in my experience, a great place to mingle with other fans and make new friends. They’re also a great place to fill in those holes in your collection and find hidden gems you weren’t expecting. 

If you haven’t ever had a chance to attend one of the many, many conventions focused on comics, games, and more I’d suggest looking into it! They’re really a unique experience that’s worth trying out at least once! Now that I’ve pitched another activity at you, let’s take a look at what’s releasing this week!

Upcoming Comics

Batman Incorporated #9

Joker Incorporated has unleashed a game of terror across the globe. Thousands of lives are at stake as Joker, the Tap Dance Man, Corvus Cawl, the Ghoul, Alpaca, Dusty Bronco, and Dai Laffyn roll out their twisted plan of chaos and mayhem. In order to defeat Joker Inc., Batman Incorporated may have to cross a line the group promised never to cross.

  • By: Ed Brisson  
  • Pencils & Inks By: John Timms 
  • Colors By: Rex Lokus
  • Cover By: John Timms 

Thoughts: I made the deepest of sighs reading this solicit, worldwide mayhem thanks to Joker is not something I find thrilling at all. 

Batman News Critic: Aaron

Spirit World #2

With Cassandra Cain still stuck in the Spirit World, Xanthe and Constantine are hoping the one portal they’ve found (which is quickly closing) is their one-way ticket to the land of the dead to help rescue Batgirl! Cass has made two spirit friends along the way who have given her a special cloak that helps mask her living-flesh stench to keep the other spirits from eating her…but can they be trusted? And hey, what’s in this tea that they just gave her…?!

  • Written By: Alyssa Wong 
  • Pencils & Inks By: Haining 
  • Colors By: Sebastian Cheng
  • Cover By: Haining  

Thoughts: With Cass’s inclusion in the upcoming Birds of Prey line up, I’m interested to see how her activities here play into that future title! 

Batman News Critic: Aaron

Harley Screws Up the DCU #4

How can Harley stop herself from screwing up the timeline if her future self has already screwed it all up? First she discovered she totally stopped Superman and the Flash from ever existing, and now she’s finding out that she totally time-traveled right over Wonder Woman’s and Aquaman’s origins too! Harley has to stop Harley, or at least try to put the pieces of the DCU she’s broken back together again. With a time machine and a tough, scary, alternate-universe Harley at her side, maybe-just maybe-she can make things right again.

  • Written By:  Frank Tieri 
  • Art By: Logan Faerber
  • Cover By: Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti 

Thoughts: I’m sure this kind of multiversal wackiness appeals to a variety of readers, for me it feels like it’s going on a little long. 

Batman News Critic: Theresa

Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries #9

Crystal Cove is proud of their tenacious teens and wants to be able to call upon Mystery Inc. at a moment’s notice-you never know when a real estate developer in a mask will cause trouble. Inspired by Gotham’s most famous method of communication, they invite Commissioner Gordon and Batman to the unveiling of the town’s new Scooby Signal!

  • Written By: Matthew Cody 
  • Pencils & Inks By: Scott Jeralds 
  • Colors By: Carrie Strachan
  • Cover By: Scott Jeralds, Carrie Strachan

Batman News Critic: William

Beyond the Bat

Welcome back to Beyond the Bat! Here is where we take a look at titles released by DC not featuring Batman. This week there’s quite a few titles to look at, but the one I’m most excited for is the crossover issue with Static and Anasi! I haven’t been quiet about my interest in the Static comic, or how much I enjoyed the Static show growing up so I’m really excited to see this crossover issue! The episode featuring Anasi was one of the things that got my younger self interested in the folklore and history of other cultures, so it’s always had a special place in my heart. 


Most Excited: Spirit World #2- I am always down for more stories featuring Cassandra, and it looks like she’s playing a pretty heavy role in Spirit World, which is exciting! 

Least Excited: Batman Incorporated #9- There’s an awful lot of Joker present for a Batman Incorporated title that’s supposed to explore Batmen around the world in fun and interesting ways, and I think that more than anything frustrates me about this title.  

Wild Card: Harley Screws Up the DCU #4- As an agent of chaos, Harley is one of the best. Tossed into multiversal situations I think she can thrive, however your mileage on how much you want to see of that might vary. 

That’s all for this week’s Upcoming Comics, I hope you all found something great you’re interested in! Let us know what you’re pulling, and some of your favorite convention memories in the comments! I’d love to hear them!