Batman White Knight Presents: Generation Joker #2 review

The chase is on! Every story needles the thread of Joker’s past as his children crash into the future setting of Batman Beyond the White Knight. I’ve already expressed my concerns about the target audience of this mini-series not really getting the same level of complex art and storytelling as Sean Murphy’s previous Batman comics. However I really can’t recommend this enough for any middle or high school looking to fill their comic/reading sections!

This issue is definitely a lot more exciting for me and I’m starting to feel like it could even stand on its own without too much backstory. There are a couple lines that reference previous story beats from other comics but they’re barely a bother as each reference has an impact on the story.

In fact the four simultaneous stories crafted by Katana Collins and Clayton McCormack connect seamlessly through clever run-on sentences. Little boxes of speech carry with them a message that connects the themes of the issue with the visual story beat. My favorite example of this is how they address Joker’s legacy in a speech box that fits neatly into the chaos caused by his children’s car escape.

The tone of the comic is also very light hearted with one liners constantly undercutting more emotional moments. Joker and Poison Ivy may seem like they’re going through a lot but the characters around couldn’t care less!

I already mentioned one way Mirka Andolfo’s art works with the dialogue but overall I’m always comparing the art of the comic with that of Sean Murphy and it’s not leaving me with much to say. The aesthetic of Murphy’s world is there without any of the ingenious set designs or playful panel compositions. I just nod along in recognition, flipping through the pages, being entertained by the comic at an above average level of enjoyment.

Recommended if:

  • Joker’s kids are characters you really care about
  • You want a fun story for your kid’s summer reading
  • That extra budget for your school’s comic section just came in


The entertainment is there. The execution is impressive in its ability to juggle so many stories at the same time. I’m just feeling a bit underwhelmed when I know what this comic looks like when put side by side with Sean Murphy’s stories. Sure Sean Murphy might not have navigated Batman’s world with the most tact but it was bold and brilliant in it’s own right and I still admire the risks taken. Not so much here…

Score: 6/10

Disclaimer: DC Comics provided Batman News with a copy of this comic for the purpose of this review.