Batman: The Adventures Continue Season 3 #7 review

Well the series took an unexpected month long hiatus, but now it’s finally back to pick up on the last issue’s cliffhanger. The al Ghuls are planning to retire and give the world a miracle crop that will end world hunger, while at the same time the Court of Owls are back in Gotham. The stakes get higher as the end draws near, both for this comic and for Gotham as we know it. It’s up to Batman to figure out how it all ties together.

If there’s one thing that Paul Dini does well, it’s incorporating the “detective” into “world’s greatest detective”. The mysteries going into this issue were enough to keep the plot moving, but weren’t exactly captivating. However, over the course of this issue it draws you deeper and deeper into everything happening and you can’t help but become engrossed. Each scene leaves little plot threads for Batman to follow up on and investigate, and every time the mystery gets that much more complex. It’s the kind of good, old fashioned detective work that make Batman more interesting than a bat-themed brawler. 

One of the most impressive aspects of the plot is the way everything is woven together. The first half of the issue is entirely devoted to the Court of Owls, and for a while I thought that maybe they weren’t going to follow up on the previous issue until the finale. Batman does bring the miracle seeds to Ivy for her to inspect, but it’s when Ra’s shows up in the Batcave in his usual unannounced fashion that things really start converging. Talia begins tagging along with Batman to try and rid him of what she considers distractions, and suddenly everyone has a tenuously shared goal while at the same time keeping their cards close to the chest. It infects the entire story with a tone of mistrust and ulterior motives where the reader isn’t sure who might be telling the whole truth.

Just in case you forgot that this was an adaptation of the cartoon, there’s plenty of interjections of lighthearted comedy. It seems to be Robin’s primary purpose via observational humor and reactions, and while it’s not too obtrusive for the most part, it does tend to clash with the tone of the rest of the story. The most extreme example of this is actually in the opening scene where Harley and Ivy need to fight off the Talon assassins. It’s a battle filled with borderline slapstick comedy and jokes that don’t always land. Incorporating humor into a story like this is no easy task, and the comic sometimes falters trying to walk the line between noir fiction and fun adventure.

Ty Templeton is back again on art, and just as before he faithfully captures the feel of the cartoon. For the most part the art is very workmanlike, simply portraying what’s in the script with no fuss or frills. It tends to lean more into the lighthearted side of the spectrum, especially with Monica Kubina’s colors. However, it’s the more moody scenes either underground or at night where it tends to shine. The red-lit skies and shadows covering the characters help create the necessary mysterious atmosphere.

Recommended if…

  • You like when Batman does detective work
  • Villains should keep you guessing as to what their plan is
  • You want a mix of both moody detective story and lighthearted fun


Batman: The Adventures Continue Season 3 #7 creates a compelling detective story where you’re never quite sure who can be trusted or what their end goal is. The tone may be a little uneven, but each part has a role to play in the larger mystery. Each of the various plot threads are woven together as everything is set up for the big finale.

Score: 7.5/10

DISCLAIMER: DC Comics provided Batman News with a copy of this comic for the purposes of this review.