Prime 1 Studio accepting orders for Alfred Pennyworth statue

Prime 1 Studio is back with a new Alfred Pennyworth statue to match with the Tactical Throne Batman from Batman #111.

Alfred stands just over 22-inches and can be displayed on his own or with the Tactical Throne Batman statue. Preorders are open now and it will ship between Nov. 2024 and Feb. 2025.

“So Wake Up, My Boy; Tell This City Who You Are.”

Prime 1 Studio proudly presents the TLCDC-02S Alfred Pennyworth, Batman’s trusted butler from the Throne Legacy series.

For the first time ever, our artists have come together to craft this beautiful statue of the Caped Crusader’s loyal butler and confidant. This statue may be a companion piece to the Batman Tactical Throne, designed by Gabriel Dell’Otto – but it could also very well be a stand-alone piece in your beautiful collection of DC Comics Superheroes.

Alfred is known and loved for his sharp intellect, impeccable manners, and dry wit. He has assisted Bruce Wayne as his butler and as some may consider a fatherly figure. He tends to the needs of Wayne Manor and plays an integral part in Batman’s crime-fighting by offering wisdom and guidance. At 22 inches tall, Alfred is dressed to the nines in his finest stripped black suit, a clean black tie underneath a grey vest. The perfect, elegant, and classic outfit for the best butler. He holds a tea set while the left arm rests behind his back.

And when you order the Bonus version from our official store or any authorized distributor, you will receive a swappable pair of arms holding the Batman’s Cowl and cape.

Alfred Pennyworth is irreplaceable to both Bruce Wayne and the Batcave. The butler brings warmth, humor, and unwavering loyalty to the Batman series, earning him a special place in many fans’ hearts. Whether you want to display this stunning statue next to the Batman Tactical Throne or as a stand-alone – this piece is a must for Batman and DC fans! Pre-order the TLCDC-02S Alfred Pennyworth today!


  • Statue Size Approximately 22 inches [H: 57W: 29cm D: 26cm]
  • Batcave-themed base
  • One (1) swappable Bonus pair of arms holding the Batman Cowl & Cape [BONUS PART]