Beast Kingdom announces DAH Bugs Bunny – Batman Version

Beast Kingdom has announced a new 6.7-inch Bugs Bunny in a Batman costume to celebrate Warner Bros. 100th anniversary.

The new Bugs Bunny figure is part of Beast Kingdom’s Dynamic Heroes line which means he will stand about 8-inches tall. With over 16 points of articulation, he’s going to be an impressive addition to your collection. The figure will be priced at $69.99 and will ship in May 2024.

DAH-060B 100th Anniversary of Warner Bros. Studios Bugs Bunny Batman

The famous Warner Bros. company has brought to the screen some of the most celebrated heroes in pop culture history. From superheroes to cartoon characters and more, there isn’t a genre that hasn’t been touched and immortalized.

So, in an alternate universe, where bunnies and dark, caped crusaders collide, collectors can now experience a crime-fighter unlike any other! One with an appetite for carrots!

One of Warner Bros.’ most iconic characters, Bugs Bunny, has been transformed into one of DC’s most popular superheroes, Batman. Leading the charge to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Warner Bros., Beast Kingdom’s “Entertainment Experience Brand” unleashes “Bugs Bunny, Batman”: a dark, yet cute crime-fighter.

Bugs Bunny is seen wearing the iconic Batman costume, composed of the four classic colors of blue, gray, black, and yellow, including the classic belt and Batman logo. With a stylish cloak made of real fabric, Bugs Bunny also has an updated suit with protected ear gear.

Join our favorite WB bunny as he fights crime for the first time in Gotham and brings justice with a swing of his tasty carrot!

DAH-060B 100th anniversary of Warner Bros. Studios Bugs Bunny Batman version

  • Bugs Bunny in action figure form. Includes around 16 points of articulation
  • Three (3) pairs of replaceable hands(Fist, open, relaxed)
  • Cape made of real fabric
  • 100th anniversary of Warner Bros. Studios limited edition_ Bugs Bunny as The Batman