James Gunn offers updates on Peacemaker season 2

James Gunn has offered up some good news in regards to the status of Peacemaker season 2, while also leaving us scratching our heads a bit.

While interacting with some fans on Threads – Meta’s answer to Twitter/X – Gunn has confirmed that he is currently in the midst of writing Peacemaker season 2. With the WGA strike now over, writers can finally continue with their projects, something they could not do during the strike.

The confusing news, however, came when Gunn was asked if Peacemaker season 2 is a part of the upcoming DC Universe, and whether or not the continuity would be addressed. He replied, “Yes and yes.”

This is confusing only in that season 1 of the series was very clearly set in the DC Extended Universe. Peacemaker first appeared in The Suicide Squad, which was clearly a part of the DCEU due to continuing characters. The first season of the series also ended with the vigilante encountering the Justice League with Jason Mamoa playing Aquaman and Ezra Miller suited up as the Flash.

Gunn has previously confirmed that John Cena will continue in the role of Peacemaker, while Viola Davis will also return as Amanda Waller. An additional piece of information revealed by Gunn recently is that Freddie Stroma will be returning as Vigilante as well.

Gunn wrote all eight episodes of Peacemaker season 1, and directed five of them as well. With his upcoming commitment to directing Superman: Legacy, it’s unclear if he will be able to direct any episodes of season 2. The upcoming film is slated to hit theaters on July 11, 2025, and he has stated filming is expected to begin in January 2024. He did work on season 1 filming during post-production of his other projects, but we won’t be surprised if he only opts for writing this second season.

No timelines have been announced as of yet for the release of Peacemaker season 2.