Batman White Knight Presents: Generation Joker #6 review

Is this finally the end? Or is it only the beginning? Honestly I don’t really care. This particular arc is over and the story wrapped up. We got the two kids who are hugging and there for each other but am I here for it? Hell no.

Why even bother reviewing this comic when nothing has fundamentally changed since my last review? This is just a false feeling of closure and a final brawl that does absolutely nothing for me brought on by the poor writing of Katana Collins and Clay McCormack. I was so thoroughly disappointed up to here and the random inclusion of some of the previous story beats and other famous characters like Two-Face don’t generate entertainment. Especially when Two-Face doesn’t even get a chance to have any personality in the comic.

I really want these characters to have more to say than whatever is happening around them. I wish I could think about what their motivations are and see why these characters interact the way they do instead of having everything be as streamline as possible with some ex machina to connect the dots. Give me that tension where I’m forced to carefully consider things as much as the characters themselves. Give me that storytelling that confronts the reader with what feels like real people in really tough situations. Don’t crank the lever to eleven and hope that the stakes being so high and crazy does the job.

The art does a decent job of delivering the final fight scene. Your eyes can follow what’s going on and the Two-Face robot seems intimidating as it smashes and shoves, shocked in the end by a full page electric attack. The character designs are functional for the story. I’m not really excited about it but I can definitely see the greatness in certain pages of Mirka Andolfin’s art.

Recommended if…

  • Sean Murphy has you under house arrest
  • Batman wasn’t white enough for your liking
  • It’s too late, you already own it


Wow, today was a rough day to review comics. I had to write about such lifeless works that I can’t even manage to write longer pieces (which I prefer) or motivate myself to talk about things I usually enjoy unpacking like colors and lettering. I just want this review to be over and am typing enough words for y’all to understand that this ain’t it and you should jump ship before it’s too late.

Score: 3/10

DISCLAIMER: DC Comics provided Batman-News with a copy of this comic for the purposes of this review.

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