Empire shares new info and photos from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom


With the new issue of Empire hitting newsstands, the publication is sharing some of what will be found inside about the cover story about Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Director James Wan gives a new interview to Empire about his inspirations for this latest film, saying, “There was an element of horror in the first film, but this second movie definitely has more of that.”

Wan went on to share that he found inspiration in old-school Euro-horror, as well as the work of stop-motion master Ray Harryhausen. “That became the design foundation,” said Wan, discussing Planet Of The Vampires as a main touchpoint. “The Lost Kingdom has a very retro, ‘60s horror look. We have this huge action set-piece where Arthur and Orm fight [Black Manta’s] henchmen, using the ‘Octobot’ – this mechanical squid thing. That was really fun to shoot.”

The first new image Empire gives us a good look at the return of Black Manta.


The second photo shows off Arthur and Orm working together.


The new issue of Empire two different covers and you can see them below.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will hit theaters on Dec. 20.