Richard Moll, voice of Two-Face, has died

We’re sad to report that actor Richard Moll has passed away. Known for his large stature and booming voice, the 6’8” actor achieved fame as the kindhearted bailiff “Bull” Shannon on the sitcom Night Court. Moll was a series regular for all nine seasons of the show, and also had parts in multiple television series and movies throughout his career. He became well-known for voice acting, whether it was as the warrior Norman in Mighty Max or supporting roles on shows such as Freakazoid, Superman: The Animated Series, and Justice League.

Aside from Night Court, perhaps the biggest impression he left on pop culture was as the voice of Harvey Dent on Batman: The Animated Series. He voiced Gotham’s D.A. for several episodes until the two-parter Two-Face, which saw Dent grapple with his repressed dark side before ultimately being scarred in a tragic accident and becoming the titular villain. Moll reprised the role in The New Batman Adventures and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, where he also voiced gangster Lew Moxon in the episode “Chill of the Night!”, widely considered the best episode of the series.

He was 80.