Upcoming Comics October 31, 2023

Good evening ghouls and boils, and welcome to an extra spooky Upcoming Comics! Well ok, not that spooky. DC already did their whole Halloween special a couple weeks back, and this is a fifth Tuesday which means that there’s not a lot coming out. But is what’s coming out devilishly devious?! Also no. However, Gotham War is ending so maybe there’s a “the witch is dead” joke to be made. Is that something? We all watch The Wizard of Oz on Halloween, right? Anyways here’s your comics:

Upcoming Comics

Detective Comics #1076

“Batman: Outlaw,” the five-part biweekly Detective Comics event, starts here! Batman, now under the control of an Azmer demon, is to be publicly hanged to atone for his crimes! With both the city and the Dark Knight under the Orghams’ spell, it’s a lawless land, and with the Bat-Family out of the picture after the events of “The Gotham War,” who will help him? It’s up to the ragtag group of Batman’s greatest allies, and enemies, to steal him from the gallows before it’s too late!

  • Written By: Ram V, Dan Watters
  • Penciled By: Ram V, Jason Shawn Alexander, Liam Sharp, Christopher Mitten
  • Inks By: Ram V, Jason Shawn Alexander, Liam Sharp, Christopher Mitten
  • Colors By: Ram V, Liam Sharp, Dave Stewart, Triona Farrell
  • Cover By: Evan Cagle

Thoughts: It’s not often that your storyline goes so long that it gets an intermission. I’m interested to see what it’ll mean for the story as a whole.

Batman News Critic: Jackson

Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War #1: Scorched Earth

The final chapter of this epic crossover is here, and Batman and his family must find a way to overcome the endgame of an ancient enemy! Can the Bat and the Cat set their differences aside? Is this the end of the Bat-Family? Lives change forever in this action-packed conclusion!

  • Written By: Chip Zdarsky, Tini Howard
  • Penciled By: Mike Hawthorne, Nikola Cizmesija
  • Inks and Colors By: Nikola Cizmesija, Mark Morales, Wade von Grawbadger
  • Cover By: Jorge Jiménez

Thoughts: Aww, and just when it was starting to get really good. I hope we can get Gotham War 2: Crisis on Infinite Gothams soon.

Batman News Critic: Casper and William

Beyond the Bat

Welcome to Beyond the Bat, where we take a quick look at the rest of DC’s comics coming out this week.

Graphic Novel Watch

Sometimes you need more than floppies. Sometimes you want something that can sit nicely on your shelf that proudly displays your favorite stories. That’s when you turn to graphic novels. Let’s see what bat collections are coming out this week:


Most Excited: Detective Comics #1076– A new mini arc inside the longer arc could be just what this series needs to break up the pacing a bit.

Least Excited: Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War #1: Scorched Earth– Part of me wanted to put this as “Most Excited” because it’s finally over, but I’m not excited. I’m just tired.

Well that’s it for this week! Let us know in the comments what comics you’re looking forward to.