Diddy’s Love of The Dark Knight Goes To The Next Level!

While promoting his new album Love: Off The Grid on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, musician and record executive Sean “Love” Combs a.k.a Diddy discussed his war with Warner Bros. Traditionally, the filthy-rich rapper throws elaborate Halloween parties around this time of year. Recently, Diddy has taken an interest in dressing in an expensive Heath Ledger Joker costume. Much to the ire of Warner Bros. who allegedly sent him a letter to cease & desist.

“Last year I was the Joker and I actually got a letter from the studio that I can no longer be the Joker. They said it broke they trademark, that I did it too good,” Diddy said. “I swear I have this letter. I swear to god. From Warner Bros.”

Addressing Warner Bros. directly, he continued “Warner Brother’s lawyer can you see me? The head of legal! Tomorrow. Watch what I do.”

source: Jimmy Kimmel: Live!

Sure enough, Diddy released a short video titled, “The Darkest Knight” featuring him in an expensive Batman costume. The short in general takes a lot from the Christopher Nolan films. Diddy seemingly recreates the bunker Batcave from The Dark Knight and even cast his own son as a tiny Alfred! In addition, the short also includes a film-accurate Tumbler Batmobile and snippets of Hans Zimmer’s score introduced in Batman Begins. Furthermore, the video itself decries “mediocrity” and shows his Batman attempting to end the currently ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike as its main topic. All in all, whether or not Warner sends another letter, Diddy’s love for the character is unquestionably large.

The Love Album: Off The Grid is now available on all music platforms. The Off The Grid tie-in feature is coming soon to theaters.

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