Max removing 4K from legacy ad-free accounts

The 4K grace period is coming to an end for Max subscribers still on the legacy ad-free tier.

When HBO Max became Max earlier this year, Warner Bros. Discovery said that legacy customers would keep perks like 4K for six months. That time period is coming to an end and 4K streaming support will become exclusive to the Ultimate plan in December.

Up until now, 4K support was still available to customers on the $15.99 legacy plan, but it will now be exclusive to Ultimate subscribers that pay $19.99 a month.

In addition to the loss of 4K, the number of concurrent streams will be cut from three to two. Downloads are unaffected and will still be available to the mid-tier subscription.

The three tiers will now be:

  • Ad-supported tier, $9.99
  • Ad-free (no 4K support), $15.99
  • Ad-free (4K support), $19.99

The 4K service is scheduled to be removed on Dec. 5.