Joker’s origins will be revealed in “The Joker Year One”

As far back as 1951, we’ve known about the Joker’s beginnings on that fateful night at the Ace Chemical Plant (or was it the Monarch Playing Card Company?) Dressed up as the Red Hood, his heist goes horribly wrong when he comes face to face with Batman. One dip in a vat of chemicals later, his skin and hair are bleached and the Joker we all know is born. But what became of the clown prince of crime after his one bad day?

Soon that tale will finally be told. In February 2024, “The Joker Year One” will unfold weekly in the pages of Batman #142-144. Writer Chip Zdarsky will be teaming up with artists Giuseppe Camuncoli, Stefano Nesi, Andrea Sorrentino, Alejandro Sánchez and Dave Stewart for this three issue story. We will learn secrets from Joker’s past as well as their consequences for the future. That includes a new virus threatening the city and a re-formed Red Hood Gang, and the only one able to stop them is the Joker himself.

Following the events of “The Joker Year One”, Batman will face off against Zur-En-Arrh once again in Batman #145-148 with “Dark Prisons”. If that weren’t enough, Amanda Waller and the US military are waiting for him if he survives.

Batman #142 will publish on February 6, Batman #143 will publish on February 13, and Batman #144 will publish on February 20.