Jason Momoa talks Aquaman on The Tonight Show

Jason Momoa has made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night in support of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

With the SAG-AFTRA strike having come to an end, actors are once again out promoting their upcoming films. Momoa is already set to appear on Saturday Night Live this Saturday, but before that he stopped by The Tonight Show.

Momoa spoke about several topics, and after showing off some behind-the-scenes video from the upcoming film, Fallon broaches the subject of whether there will be a third film. “I mean, this kind of the end of this.” Momoa is visibly searching for the way to answer the question, but as Fallon pressed him further, Momoa replied, “Unless, you know… I mean, it’s… things have happened before. So I guess if people like it. But, yeah, there’s… there’ll always be a place for me at DC.”

His hesitation could be read as he simply doesn’t know the outcome, but with the persistent rumors he may take on the role of Lobo in the upcoming DC Universe, one has to wonder if that was behind the hesitation.

Momoa appeared in a second game segment called “Aquamen and Buckets.”

Momoa will appear on Saturday Night Live on Nov. 18, and will then star in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom on Dec. 22.