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Brian Warshaw
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Justice League #7 review

This is it! The Justice League vs. The Legion of Doom for the fate of the Earth—nay, the Multiverse! Lex Luthor is steps from...

Kotobukiya Batman: The Animated Series Joker and Harley ARTFX+ review

I'm repeating myself and at least half of Batman fandom when I say this, but Batman: The Animated Series was amazing, not least because of...

Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #2 review

Red Hood and Arsenal are back together again. The once fellow Outlaws lost touch for a while, but when an emotionally and physically beaten...

Diamond Select Toys Injustice 2 Vinimates review

As I've no doubt mentioned elsewhere, I have an interesting history with DST's Vinimates line. When I first started working with the company on...

Kotobukiya Batman Rebirth ARTFX+ review

If you've even dabbled in collecting Batman-related merchandise, then you probably know Kotobukiya. They've produced memorable statues for all sorts of DC characters, but...

Diamond Select Toys Justice League Aquaman Gallery review

Diamond Select Toys call themselves "the nexus of comics and pop-culture," and that's pretty apt. If there's a nerdy property that you're interested in,...

Justice League #6 review

Lex Luthor is closer than ever to his goal. With Superman and Martian Manhunter literal puppets of the Legion of Doom, three Leaguers under...

Red Hood and the Outlaws #25 review

No more Mr. Nice Guy. Jason Todd has been playing by Batman's rules for a while now. Aided by his briefly-intelligent friend Bizarro, and...

Books to Make Your Kid a Batfan: Downtown Bookworks Big Book of Super-Villains

Our friends at Downtown Bookworks are at it again, with another delightful children's book based on DC Comics characters. Following up on the excellent Big...

Justice League #5 review

Doooooooom! How did Lex Luthor convince Sinestro and Grodd to join his crew? The Legion of Doom takes over Justice League, leading us through...

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