Chris Begley

Chris Begley
In September 2010 Chris merged his love for technology with his love for Batman and created Batman News. It quickly became the most popular Batman website online, and the premier source for DC movie news. In October 2018, Batman News and its sister sites, Superhero News and Spider-Man News, were acquired by TechnoBuffalo.

The Dark Knight Blu-ray: $9 on Amazon

I'm sure by now you all have a copy of The Dark Knight on video, but for those who are looking to upgrade their...

Batman 3: Still Scripting?

According to BOF, Christopher Nolan and his brother Jonathan are still putting the finishing touches on the Batman 3 script. With filming said to begin in April one would think that they'll be done soon.

WB announcing Batman/Superman together?

SuperHeroHype forum member gillberg2k1 has heard that Warner Brothers plans to announce the next Batman and Superman movies together.  On the Batman front, he...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt interested in The Riddler? is reporting that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is listed as "interested" for the role of The Riddler in Batman 3.  FirstShowing's source comes via a...

Batman 3 to begin filming in April?

In an interview with Digital Spy at the London premiere of "Inception", Michael Caine said he thinks "Batman 3" will begin filming in April of 2011. "Batman 3" is set to hit theaters on July 20th, 2012.

Christopher Nolan talks Batman 3

Empire talked to Christopher Nolan about his upcoming movie Inception, and managed to slip in a few Batman 3 questions too. Nolan states that...

Batman 3 Gets An Official Release Date

Warner Brothers has just announced that the official release date for Christopher Nolan’s "Batman 3" will be July 20th, 2012.

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