Nicholas Finch

Nicholas Finch
The only reason I have been put on this world is to kill whoever made shipping to Australia so expensive.

Batman vs Ra’s al Ghul #1 review

Oh wow, this is an honour!!! After working as hard as I could to get through the selection process, I finally get to write...

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The Batman using virtual production techniques for some scenes

As production on The Batman continues on, it seems that Matt Reeves and his team are adapting some of the virtual filming techniques that...
DC Comics Logo - 1280 - Featured

DC Comics cuts one distributor, sets minimum orders

DC Comics is instating yet another pair of changes into how its comics are distributed throughout the U.S. On Monday, DC sent a letter out...
Diamond Select Classic Batman diorama statue

Diamond Select Classic Batman statue – A timeless look for a timeless hero

Batman has had a variety of looks over the years through film and television, but there's one look that pops into most peoples' heads...

Iron Studios announces Minico Batman 1989 statues

Iron Studios is back with some new Batman statues from 1989's Batman, and this time they're in the Minico line. The 6-inch stylized figures will...
Batwoman - Javicia Leslie - First Photo - 01video

Batwoman gets a Batmobile in new set videos and photos

Batwoman is in production up in Vancouver, and thanks to a new set video we're getting the first look at her all-new Batmobile. While season...