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10 strangest Batman movie moments

The Batman property has been pulled in so many creative directions over the years that it shouldn't be a surprise The Caped Crusader has...

10 Batman films that almost happened

Like any beloved comic book property, Batman has been crow-barred open and interpreted by a large number of writers, artists, actors and filmmakers; from the firm camp of Adam West’s TV series, to the German Expressionist undertones of…

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Young Justice Outsiders heading for home video release

Warner Bros. has announced that Young Justice: Outsiders - The Complete Third Season is heading for home release far sooner than you may have...
Birds of Prey - Official Images - Movie Poster - Featured - 1

Birds of Prey reshoots draw to a close

It looks as though the reshoots on Birds of Prey have already drawn to a close. Cast and crew appear to have wrapped the reshoots...
Fortnite - Featured - 01

Fortnite X Batman crossover begins leaking out in software update

Strap in folks, because it looks as though Gotham City is about to crash into the mega-popular Fortnite. Strange happenings are occurring in Fortnite as...

Titans: Burning Rage #2 review

While Wal-Mart Giant titles such as Batman Universe continue to be top-notch reading, Titans: Burning Rage continues to be bottom-of-the-barrel reading. I’m not sure...

Batman #79 review

Look, I’m just going to shoot straight with you… Batman #79 is completely skippable. The Story Tom King’s Batman is, understandably, a divisive book. I’m genuinely...