Simon Gallagher

Look like loads of husky gingers on TV adverts apparently. Assistant Editor at What Culture and film genius for Metro Radio.

10 reasons why a Batman theme park would be awesome

There's something missing in the world of Batman fandom. We have the films (both superlative and some that were awful,) several awesome tv shows,...

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Javicia Leslie CW's New Batwoman

The CW’s new Batwoman is Javicia Leslie

The list of things we couldn't have predicted about 2020 is far too long for any one list to encompass, but here in our...

Justice League #48 review

And with that, Robert Venditti’s run on Justice League is over! …Yes, you’re right, that did happen last issue. I happened to not notice it,...

Batman & the Outsiders #14 review

We’ve got another issue of Batman & the Outsiders, and I can’t help but feel that Bryan Hill and Dexter Soy are still spinning...

Patty Jenkins discusses the Amazon olympics in Wonder Woman 1984

It would appear the world of Wonder Woman may be opening up a bit more, possibly even outside of movies and on out TVs. Speaking...

DCeased: Dead Planet #1 review

And the story of DCeased continues! This sequel is set five years after the original miniseries. At the end of the original, the surviving...