Jerry Robinson, creator of The Joker, passes away

When I heard the news yesterday morning that Jerry Robinson had passed I was deeply saddened. And when I saw that there was no...

Follow Batman, aka Kevin Conroy, on Twitter!

This isn’t The Dark Knight Rises news, but it’s pretty cool! Kevin Conroy, best known as the voice of Batman in the animated TV shows and movies, is now on Twitter. Conroy is right up there with Christian Bale as my personal favorite Batman, and it’s his voice I hear every time I read a comic book.

Michael Keaton pays his respects to Michael Gough

After the sad news of Michael Gough's passing, Tim Burton's Batman -- Michael Keaton, payed his respects to Gough in a statement to THR. To...

Batman on film legend Michael Gough passes away

I know this isn't The Dark Knight Rises news, but I felt it deserved more attention than just a Twitter or Facebook post. It...

Warner Bros. releases The Dark Knight: App Edition

[youtube ] Today Warner Bros. released an iPhone/iPad app for The Dark Knight. The app is free and lets you view the first five minutes...

The Dark Knight Blu-ray: $9 on Amazon

I'm sure by now you all have a copy of The Dark Knight on video, but for those who are looking to upgrade their...

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