Black Adam

Black Adam is Shazam!’s greatest foe, and thanks to Warner Bros. and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, he’s going to make his way to the big screen.

It was announced as far back as 2014 that Dwayne Johnson would play Black Adam in the Shazam! movie. Then in 2017, the news shifted to Black Adam would get his own movie.

Black Adam is due to begin filming in early 2021.

Everything is still being sorted out how everything will work, but stay tuned as we bring you all of the Black Adam news and reviews.

Shutterstock - Aldis Hodge - Ovidiu Hrubaru

Aldis Hodge reportedly in talks to play Hawkman in Black Adam (UPDATED)

UPDATE: It has now been confirmed that Hodge will be playing Hawkman and was confirmed by Hodge and Dwayne Johnson. Original story follows. It appears...

Black Adam producer shares updates on filming and JSA

After the excitement of the Black Adam presentation at DC FanDome, there are still some questions to be answered and we're finally getting them. Dwayne...

Dwayne Johnson shows off Black Adam artwork and the Justice Society

After a decade of development, Black Adam is finally moving towards production and Dwayne Johnson shared new artwork and some news at DC FanDome. Dwayne...
Shutterstock - Noah Centineo - Kathy Hutchins

Noah Centineo joins ‘Black Adam’ as Atom Smasher

It seems a new hero has entered the arena for Black Adam as Noah Centineo has joined the cast as Atom Smasher. At long last,...
Black Adam - 01

Dwayne Johnson confirms Black Adam filming is delayed

In a not so surprising bit of news, Dwayne Johnson has confirmed that filming on Black Adam has been delayed due to the coronavirus...
Shutterstock - Dwayne Johnson - JStone

Dwayne Johnson shares thoughts on Black Adam

Celebrities are taking to social media in large numbers during the Coronavirus lockdown, and Dwayne Johnson has joined the numbers. During a break in his...
Black Adam - 01

Dwayne Johnson shares update on Black Adam training

Dwayne Johnson has shared another photo of his training for Black Adam, and all we can wonder is when do you finally say enough...
Black Adam - 01

Dwayne Johnson teases training for Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson is getting serious about 2020 being the year that he finally films Black Adam. He's even letting us know that he's training...
Hawkgirl - Comics - Generic - Featured - 01

Black Adam film reportedly to feature Hawkgirl

The Black Adam movie is beginning to sound as though it's going to be a hotbed of introducing DC characters to the cinematic universe....
Black Adam - Release Date poster - Featured - 01

Dwayne Johnson teases JSA for the Black Adam movie

It seems that Hawkman won't be the only other DC character making their big-screen debut in the Black Adam movie. Rumors have been popping up...

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