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Shutterstock - Zoe Kravitz - Lev Radin

Zoe Kravitz nabs role of Catwoman in The Batman

Zoe Kravitz has been announced as the newest castmember to join Matt Reeves' The Batman. She will be playing Catwoman/Selina Kyle opposite Robert Pattinson's...
Shutterstock - Jonah Hill - Denis Makarenko

Jonah Hill reportedly in talks for Matt Reeves’ The Batman (UPDATED)

UPDATE: The Hollywood Reporter confirms he's in talks, but it is for the Penguin or the Riddler. No decision has been made on which...
Shutterstock - Jeffrey Wright - Kathy Hutchins

Jeffrey Wright to play Commissioner Gordon in The Batman

Deadline reported on Monday that Jeffrey Wright (Westworld) was in talks to play Commissioner Gordon in The Batman. Minutes after the report went out,...
Shutterstock - Christian Bale - Denis Makarenkovideo

Christian Bale says Robert Pattinson should just ignore the naysayers

It must have been an odd Toronto International Film Festival for Christian Bale. He was there to promote his new movie, Ford v Ferrari,...
Shutterstock - Christian Bale - Denis Makarenkovideo

Christian Bale offers some advice to Robert Pattinson on playing Batman

With the news that Robert Pattinson is joining the pantheon of actors to play Batman, it's time for all of the former men to...

Rumored plot points leak out for Matt Reeves The Batman

According to a new report, there's a reason that so many villains have been rumored for Matt Reeves' The Batman. There's a conspiracy in...
Shutterstock - Robert Pattinson - Andrea Raffin

Robert Pattinson reflects on becoming Batman in new interview

When you're in a race to take on the role of one of the most recognizable characters in the world, it can be a...
Paul Walter Hauser - Featured

Paul Walter Hauser rumored to be up for the Penguin in The Batman

Another day, another casting rumor for Matt Reeves' The Batman. This time it's the Penguin. Rumors of potential actors for the various members of the...
Shutterstock - Jamie Foxx - Tinseltown

Jamie Foxx and Giancarlo Esposito both rumored for the cast of The Batman

As production nears for The Batman, casting rumors are beginning to bubble up even more rapidly. The latest has Jamie Foxx and Giancarlo Esposito...
Shutterstock - John David Washington - Featureflash Photo Agency

John David Washington reportedly under consideration for The Batman

A new report indicates that John David Washington may be in talks for a role in The Batman, and it could mean he would...

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