The Kitchen

The Kitchen Review Roundup: Here’s What the Critics Think

The reviews for The Kitchen have rolled in, and, sadly, things don't look good. What do the professional critics think of the latest DC...

The Kitchen featurette explains who is taking over the neighborhood

Vertigo's The Kitchen is hitting theaters this coming weekend, and there's a new featurette to explain a bit more of the story if you...

The Kitchen trailer – The women go to war

The final The Kitchen trailer has been released, and it looks as though the women are going to have to to go to war. Based...

Vertigo’s The Kitchen trailer shows a gritty 1970s New York

The Kitchen trailer has finally arrived and is giving us a good look at the movie based on the Vertigo graphic novel. Set in 1970s...

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Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 heading to CCXP with a trailer

Mark your calendars for Dec. 8, 2019, because we're finally going to be getting some new information and footage from Wonder Woman 1984. It has...
Shutterstock - Robert Pattinson - Denis Makarenkovideo

Robert Pattinson comments on his potential Batman voice

One of the biggest question marks around every actor who plays Batman is what they will do with their voice. While some have been...

HBO releases Watchmen season trailer following premiere

Watchmen premiered on HBO on Sunday night, picking up the story Alan Moore's world in 2019. As we're less than 24 hours from the premiere,...

Prime 1 Studio announces Dark Knight Returns Superman statue

Prime1 Studio is bringing Superman from The Dark Knight Returns to life in a giant statue. Standing around 35-inches tall, this new Superman will be...

DC Designer Series: Batman by Frank Miller Statue review

Based on the art of comics legend Frank Miller comes an all-new DC Designer Series: Batman statue. This impressive 1:6 scale statue showcases the...