The Kitchen

The Kitchen Review Roundup: Here’s What the Critics Think

The reviews for The Kitchen have rolled in, and, sadly, things don't look good. What do the professional critics think of the latest DC...

The Kitchen featurette explains who is taking over the neighborhood

Vertigo's The Kitchen is hitting theaters this coming weekend, and there's a new featurette to explain a bit more of the story if you...

The Kitchen trailer – The women go to war

The final The Kitchen trailer has been released, and it looks as though the women are going to have to to go to war. Based...

Vertigo’s The Kitchen trailer shows a gritty 1970s New York

The Kitchen trailer has finally arrived and is giving us a good look at the movie based on the Vertigo graphic novel. Set in 1970s...

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Medicom - MAFEX - Catwoman - Featured - 01

Medicom announces MAFEX Catwoman Hush figure

Medicom has announced a new addition to is MAFEX line, Catwoman from the Batman Hush storyline. Based on the Catwoman seen in the popular Hush...
Arkham Knight - PS4 - Earth-2 Skin - 01

Arkham Knight receiving Earth-2 Batman skin on PS4

Rocksteady is making good on its promise of a new skin for Batman: Arkham Knight. Earth-2 Batman is on the way! Originally released in 2015,...

Here’s what’s coming to DC Universe in February 2020

Seems like January just got started, and yet the second month of the new year is already trundling toward us. And a new month...

The Flash begins to clean up after the Crisis in new episode photos

The Crisis on Infinite Earths has come to an end, and now it's time for Team Flash to put their lives back together. The Flash...
Birds of Prey - Official Images - Harleywood Event - Featured - 01

Birds of Prey cast takes over Hollywood with Harleywood event

Birds of Prey is in full marketing mode now, and that includes the cast showing up at various pop-up events around the world. Kicking...