Young Justice

Young Justice is an animated series that tells the stories of the heroes who were once the sidekicks of the Justice League attempting to prove themselves worthy of becoming members.

The series originally kicked off on November 26, 2010, but came to close with the end of season 2, Young Justice: Invasion, on March 16, 2013.

To everyone’s surprise, it was announced in November 2016 that a Young Justice 3 was in the works. It was later revealed to be Young Justice: Outsiders, and it was going to be shown exclusively on DC Universe.

Young Justice: Outsiders premiered on DC Universe on January 4, 2019.

Young Justice: Outsiders Receives a Premiere Date

Young Justice fans rejoice! We finally have a premiere date for season 3, Young Justice: Outsiders, on the DC Universe series. Mark your calendars...

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