Batman 89 (comic)

Batman ‘89 #5 review

Much will be made of the delays to Batman ’89 #5 in many reviews being published today, I’m sure. It’s hard to talk about…

Batman ’89 #4 review

We have reached the point in Batman ‘89 where I have run out of things to say.  Unless something drastically insane happens in the…

Batman ‘89 #3 review

For some reason, this issue kind of snuck up on me. It feels like I just reviewed the second issue, like, a week ago….

Batman ‘89 #2 review

Wind back the clock earlier this year and Batman ‘89 was far and away at the op of my list of most anticipated comics….

Batman ‘89 #1 review

Let me be real here: the current state of Batman comics has left me wanting for quite some time now.  There’s a whole lot…