Gotham Academy (comic)

Exclusive Preview: Gotham Academy #3

Here's Batman News' exclusive preview of Gotham Academy #3, the latest chapter in the series that explores the mysteries surrounding Gotham's most prestigious prep...

Gotham Academy #2 review

Gotham Academy #2 "The Diary of Millie Jane Cobblepot" Written by Becky Cloonan & Brenden Fletcher Art by Karl Kerschl Last month we were introduced to an...

Gotham Academy #1 review

Gotham Academy #1 "Welcome to Gotham Academy" Written by Becky Cloonen and Brenden Fletcher Art by Karl Kerschl Gotham Academy is finally here, and school is in...

SDCC 2014: Interview with Gotham Academy writers and the Batman group editor

When I was given a list of DC talent I could interview what I saw was a long list of people who either give too many interviews already or who would answer every question with...

Announcing two new ongoing Bat-comics and one old Bat-manga

DC Comics announced 2 new ongoing Batman comics this morning via Entertainment Weekly while LA Times' Hero Complex unveiled the digital (and eventual print)...

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