Generations Shattered #1 review

Generations Shattered #1 plays like a greatest hits record that attempts to indulge in nostalgia and also forge a fiery narrative that struggles to...

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Savannah Welch - Six - Featured - 01

Savannah Welch cast as Barbara Gordon in Titans season 3

Warner Bros. has announced that Savannah Welch will be taking on the role of Barbara Gordon in the third season of Titans. The Titans Twitter...

Batman: The Animated Series reportedly set for a revival

According to a new report, HBO Max is looking into a Batman: The Animated Series revival. On the latest episode of Fatman Beyond, co-hosts Kevin...

Upcoming Comics: January 19, 2021

We’re moving on to week three of Future State, and I’m a little less excited moving into this week. While I enjoyed most of...
Batwoman 2x01 - Javicia Leslie / Ryan Wilder / Batwoman

Batwoman 2×01 Review – Shadow of the shadow of the Bat

Batwoman, like Supergirl, is by her very origin a derivative of the hero that preceded her. Batwoman and Kate Kane are both interesting in...

Batwoman episode photos show Alice has a new plan

New Batwoman episode photos show that Alice is going to be up to her old tricks as she launches a new plan. Batwoman episode 202,...