Michael Rooker

Shutterstock - Michael Rooker - Tinsletown

Michael Rooker denies involvement in The Suicide Squad

It seems that the rumors of Michael Rooker teaming up with James Gunn again may have been a bit premature. According to reports late in...
Shutterstock - Michael Rooker - Tinsletown

Michael Rooker reportedly in talks to play King Shark in The Suicide Squad

It is not unusual for directors to have favorite performers they work with time and time again. Quentin Tarantino will put Samuel L. Jackson...

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Tom Sturridge reportedly in talks to star as Dream in Sandman

It looks as though Netflix may be closing in on who will play Dream in its upcoming Sandman series. According to a report from Collider,...

Batwoman season 2 to add Victor Zsasz to the Rogues Gallery

Victor Zsasz is making his way to yet another version of Gotham City as the killer is added to the cast of Batwoman season...
Batwoman - 2021 Poster - Featured

CW shows shut down filming over COVID-19 testing delays

Just a month after the resumption of the filming of various TV series in Vancouver, production is being halted on most productions. According to a...

Justice League Annual #2 review

When a body is found in the Hall of Justice the Justice League are faced with a challenge even they might not come out...

Batman/Superman Annual #1 review

I’m having mixed feelings about this annual. I like the opening scene: we see two fifth dimensional imp kids playing with Batman and Superman...