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‘The Dark Knight Rises’ official website updated with 49 pages of production notes

The Dark Knight Rises' official website was updated tonight with short bios of the cast and filmmakers, as well as production notes. The 49...

Warner Bros. releases official plot synopsis for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

I was beginning to think that we'd never get an official plot synopsis for The Dark Knight Rises, but it's finally here! The official...

2 new interactive ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ websites now online

Two new interactive websites for The Dark Knight Rises have come online recently. The first, is an interactive app that uses your webcam...

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ website updated with new photos, downloads, and more

Warner Bros. updated the official website of The Dark Knight Rises today and it's full of great new content. I'm happy to see that... reveals first photo of Tom Hardy as Bane

Warner Bros. launched The site features a blank page with audio of people chanting. A mysterious Twitter account started tweeting out a link and with a little digging...

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