More ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ set photos from India

The Dark Knight Rises production kicked off this past weekend, and the two day shoot wrapped up late last night. Mehul Gohil and his...

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ set photo reveals a pit?

A reader (who wishes to remain anonymous) sent in the first set photo from The Dark Knight Rises' set in India. The photo...

Tom Hardy on set of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Looks like we have our first photo from the set of The Dark Knight Rises! Unfortunately Tom Hardy isn't in his Bane attire, but...

Gotham Police SUV spotted in Chicago for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

It seemed as though Chicago would not be home to The Dark Knight Rises, as it was to The Dark Knight and Batman Begins......

First set photo from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’? [Update]

Update: Geoff Boucher of Hero Complex sent me a tweet to help clear up some of the confusion around this photo. What we're looking...

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Fan Art

While we wait for official photos from The Dark Knight Rises, I thought I'd launch a new section in the gallery to display...

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