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DMZ set to be a limited series on HBO Max

It has been ages since we saw any movement on the proposed DMZ series at HBO Max, but at last, we know it will...
Shutterstock - Rosario Dawson - Tinseltown

Rosario Dawson signs on to DMZ as the lead

It's been some time since we heard anything about the DMZ series coming to HBO Max, but it came back in a big way....

Rosario Dawson to voice Batgirl in ‘LEGO Batman’ movie

Rosario Dawson will voice Batgirl in the LEGO Batman movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Dawson currently stars on Marvel's hit Netflix show Daredevil. It...

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Aldis Hodge discusses his excitement over playing Hawkman

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Wonder Woman 1984 - Diana Prince and Steve Trevor

Wonder Woman 1984 pushes HBO Max subscriptions to new highs

A new set of numbers are in for HBO Max, and it appears that Wonder Woman 1984 helped push the service to some new...

HBO Max releases teaser with new The Suicide Squad footage

HBO Max has released a new video showing off all of the Warner Bros. films for this year, including a few seconds of new...

Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity #7 review

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Future State: Dark Detective #2 review

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