Saturday Night Live

SNL - Bane in Music Video - 10-03-20video

Saturday Night Live namedrop Bane in a musical sketch

How do you know your place in pop culture has been solidified? When Saturday Night Live feels it can name drop you nonchalantly. Saturday Night...
Grouch - Parody - SNL - Thumbnail

Saturday Night Live sends up Joker with ‘Grouch’ parody

What happens when one man is just pushed too far? When society has turned on him, and what little bit of sanity he clings...

Jason Momoa Becomes the Ultimate Page in New SNL Promo

Jason Momoa is making the stop almost all big movie promotions make prior to their film's release: Hosting Saturday Night Live. Momoa will be...

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Joel Kinnaman talks the tone of The Suicide Squad

Is The Suicide Squad a sequel or a reboot? It seems that even the cast isn't quite sure how to explain it. In a new...

Tracking Senator Patrick Leahy’s Batman film cameos

When you think of Batman movies, there are no doubt some characters, items, and locations that you’d expect to see.  I mean, what is...
DC - Flash Facts - Announcement video - Featured - 01video

DC releases trailer for Flash Facts science book

Have you ever wished superhero could help teach your kids about science? Then you're in luck as Flash Facts: Ten Terrific Tales about Science...
Superman and Lois - Announcement Poster - Featured - 01video

Superman & Lois trailer gives first taste of new series

The CW has released a new Superman & Lois trailer, and it appears that Clark Kent has been keeping some secrets from his children. Hot...
Superman and Lois - Season 1 - Promo Poster - Featured - 01

Superman & Lois premiere expands, delays Flash premiere

The CW is going to kick-off the series premiere of Superman & Lois with a two-hour event. It seems that The CW wants to make...