Washmen - Logo - Featuredvideo

The Watchmen want you to wash your hands in a new video

Who washes the Washmen? The case of HBO's Watchmen is here to answer this question for you while demonstrating proper handwashing technique for you. While...
Harley Quinn - Season 2 Key Art - Green Band Horizontal - 01video

Harley Quinn season 2 trailer – Harley has big plans

The Harley Quinn season 2 trailer is here, and... you just need to watch it. Be warned, this trailer is not even remotely safe for...
Justice League Dark Apokolips War logovideo

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War trailer

The Justice League Dark: Apokolips War trailer has arrived, and it's time for the supernatural Leaguers to take on the biggest evil in the...

McFarlane Toys at Toy Fair 2020: Even more DC Multiverse

Toy Fair 2020 has been a wild ride, and it's still not over. Next up is McFarlane Toys and its second wave of DC...

Warner Bros. shares 10 Joker easter eggs in a video

With the awards run over, and Joker having walked away with two, it's time for things to quiet down around the film, That being...
Shutterstock - Kaitlyn Dever - DFreevideo

Kaitlyn Dever addresses Batgirl rumors at the Oscars

While all Batman fans' eyes were on how many Oscars Joker would go home with inside the theater, there was a bit of Bat-family...
Shutterstock - Idris Elba - Denis Makarenkovideo

Idris Elba appears in The Suicide Squad set video

A new The Suicide Squad set video has surfaced from Panama. This time around not only do we see a bit one scene, but...
Shutterstock - Peter Sarsgaard - Denis Makrenko - 2video

Peter Sarsgaard plays coy about his role in The Batman

Another Batman movie, another round of wondering if we've been told the truth of who an actor is playing. This time around its Peter...
Fortnite - Birds of Prey - Harley Quinn skin - 01video

Harley Quinn joins Fortnite in Birds of Prey event

Harley Quinn has made her way to Fortnite for a Birds of Prey event. Following a day of leaks, Epic Games has officially announced that...

Wonder Woman 1984 crosses over with Tide in Super Bowl commercial

Warner Bros. may have skipped running any ads during the Super Bowl, that doesn't mean that some footage still didn't show up. Tide ran a...

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Upcoming Comics: July 14, 2020

What a week! After a dry spell of actual news, we finally got a few announcements this week! Matt Reeves will head a Gotham...
The Batman - Clapper - Featured - 01

The Batman reportedly to resume shooting in September

It would appear that we finally have some idea of when work will resume on The Batman, but it's going to be in a...

Lucifer season 5 trailer – The devil’s back, but different

The first Lucifer season 5 trailer has arrived, and it's clear that something isn't quite right with the King of Hell. As Lucifer season 4...
Stargirl = Henry King Jr./Brainwave Jr.

Stargirl 1×09 Review – A Splitting Headache

Any Justice League fan knows that having a telepath like Martian Manhunter on your side makes the job of superhero-ing a heck of a...
Queen Studios - Dark Knight - Batman - 1-3 Scale - Featured - 01

Queen Studios announces 1/3 scale Dark Knight Batman

Queen Studios have released new images and info about its 1/3 scale Batman figure from The Dark Knight. Standing around 27-inches tall, the new statue...