Lucifer season 4 release date announced by Netflix

Netflix has finally announced the release date for Lucifer season 4. And, depending on your time zone, it announced the release date 666 hours...

Joker trailer shows first footage of Joaquin Phoenix

The first Joker trailer has finally arrived, showing us the first footage of Joaquin Phoenix as the Clown Prince of Crime. Directed by Todd Phillips,...

Pennyworth trailer shows off Batman prequel series

Epix has shared the first trailer for Pennyworth, the prequel series that will give us some insight into the early days of Bruce Wayne's...

Bane begins the fight for the GCPD in new Gotham promo

Gotham is taking a four-week break, but then it returns with the final two episodes. This seems like a really odd time to take such...

Krypton season 2 teaser brings Doomsday to Krypton

Krypton is preparing for season 2, and it looks as though there will be plenty of dangers facing the planet this year. Beyond the dangers...
Aquaman Honest Trailers

Aquaman Honest Trailer: Feel the smolder

The Honest Trailer for Aquaman is finally here, and there's just so much soldering happening. No matter how much you may enjoy a movie, there...
Gegghead - Super Stakeouts - Shall We Play a Game - 01video

Red Hood and Nightwing throw Rochambeau in new parody video

Being a vigilante isn't just endless excitement. Sometimes you need to do an old-fashioned stakeout, and sometimes you're going to need a way to...

Batman vs TMNT digital and Blu-ray dates announced

Warner Bros. has confirmed all of the dates for the Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles release, and it's coming out in just about...

Chinese Shazam! trailer features new scenes and DC references

A new Shazam! trailer has come out of China, and it has a significant amount of new footage. It's clear we're going to get multiple...

Bane starts body slamming in a new Gotham promo

Gotham will see Bane make his presence known, and it looks like it will end badly for Alfred. And is it just us, or, are...

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