Gotham Teaser Shows Off the Shadow of Batman

A new teaser has been released for the final season of Gotham, and while we've seen the footage before, it ends on a new...

Aquaman’s Jason Momoa Is Just as Obsessed About the Snyder Cut of Justice League as DC Fans

Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League has been desired by many DC fans for over a year. They wanted it before the theatrical cut of the...

Jason Momoa and Amber Heard Battle the Trench in New Aquaman Clip

Jason Momoa did more on The Tonight Show than face Jimmy Fallon in a trident throwing competition. He also brought a new clip from Aquaman! In the...

Aquaman’s Jason Momoa Battles Jimmy Fallon in Trident Throwing Competition on The Tonight Show

Jason Momoa may be Aquaman, but Jimmy Fallon still thought it was a good idea to face the actor in a trident throwing competition on The...

Jason Momoa Takes over New York and SNL in New Video from the Aquaman Press Tour

Jason Momoa is having the time of his life on the Aquaman press tour. He's been in New York since last weekend for the U.S....

Patrick Wilson and Dolph Lundgren Argue over the Fate of the Surface World in New Aquaman Clip

The clips keep rolling in from Aquaman. The latest comes from Patrick Wilson, who brought new footage of the film to Good Morning America earlier today. The...

Amber Heard Recruits Jason Momoa to Be King of Atlantis in New Aquaman Clip

If you're looking for clips from Aquaman, this is your week. Jason Momoa brought one to Good Morning America on Monday and Patrick Wilson had another...

Gotham Season 5 First Look Features Some Strange Alliances

Fox has released a first look at the final season of Gotham and it appears that everyone is going to get some time in...

Jason Momoa Becomes the Ultimate Page in New SNL Promo

Jason Momoa is making the stop almost all big movie promotions make prior to their film's release: Hosting Saturday Night Live. Momoa will be...

Jason Momoa Battles Patrick Wilson in New Clip from Aquaman

The Aquaman press tour continues and that means more clips from the film! Jason Momoa brought the first one to Good Morning America earlier this week....

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