Willem Dafoe

Willem Dafoe reveals ‘Aquaman’ character details and what it’s like shooting underwater scenes

Screen Crush caught up with Willem Dafoe today at an event for his new Netflix movie, Death Note. Dafoe was asked about his upcoming DC...

Willem Dafoe says he plays a principal role in ‘Aquaman’

We know that Willem Dafoe will make an appearance as Aquaman ally Nuidis Vulko in Justice League, so it's only fitting to hear that...

Willem Dafoe won’t talk about ‘Justice League’, will talk about Gal Gadot’s looks

The Playlist recently caught up with Willem Dafoe, who plays Aquaman ally Vulko in Justice League. Dafoe wasn't quite ready to start talking about...

Report: Willem Dafoe is playing an Aquaman character in ‘Justice League’

Update: This rumor was true! Willem Dafoe is playing Aquaman ally Volko in Justice League. Last month Willem Dafoe joined the cast of Justice League:...

Willem Dafoe joins ‘Justice League’ in mystery role

It's a Spider-Man reunion! First we found out that J.K. Simmons is playing Commissioner Gordon in Justice League, and now The Hollywood Reporter says that Willem...

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