‘The Dark Knight Rises’ shooting in NYC this week?

It seems that Christopher Nolan wants to get a jump start on aerial shots for The Dark Knight Rises. A source close to BOF had this to say:

They are doing a plate shot in a helicopter over New York City this week. Apparently, Chris Nolan wants to get the city with snow on the ground.

I live about two hours outside New York, and can assure you, there’s plenty of snow on the ground. This isn’t huge news, but it’s definitely exciting. If you’re in New York City this week and see the “Batcopter” be sure to look up and wave to Mr. Nolan!


Comments for this story have gotten out of control and have been closed until further notice. Please treat your fellow Bat-fans with respect, regardless of their opinion.

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  • James

    Snow?? This could get interesting…
    By the way, what’s that picture of??

    • Manoschaos

      It’s from the infamous “Shark Reppelent Bat Spray” scene

      • bradley

        We all know Adam West is still the best Batman :D

  • Helluiz


  • Anonymous

    Snow in Gotham always looks cool.

    Oh, and you what is commig next don’t you… “ZOMG! Snow means Mr.Freeze is confirmed!” – etc. etc.

  • Anonymous


  • bradley

    I doubt he will have a ‘batcopter’ but this is cool news regardless.

  • Rjvavili

    I would prefer that they film in Chicago instead. Maybe he is getting some test shots to see what it will look like. I doubt there will be any Mr. Freeze.

  • Guano Man

    This is obviously to get the shot of Robin and Mr.Freeze teaming up to kill Robin Williams as Hugo Strange who was sent there by Talia Al Ghul, but it turns out the whole thing was a scheme plotted by the Riddler who is played by Johnny Depp and Talia and Strange weren’t working for the archived footage/CGI joker.

    • Manoschaos

      You are a filthy liar. The Riddler is of course played by EDDIE MURPHY

  • Guano Man

    Oh, and Crazy Quilt.
    Enough said,

  • Manoschaos

    I already imagine the grand shot with snow. Enter Hans Zimmer emotional music. Then Gordon’s new big office. And BATMAN APPEARS OUT OF NOWHERE BITCH

  • I’d kill for another Batman movie set during Christmas. What I loved about Batman Returns.

  • victor freeze :P

  • Anonymous

    Seasons could indicate a passage of time…time taken to heal from injuries?

    • Anonymous

      GREAT SPOT ! , might not happen like that , but at this time when were trying to guess what will happen , with BANE in the mix , thats a great spot !

  • Gott

    Snow + Catwoman???
    Sounds good, reminds me Batman Returns.

  • Rocky

    Whenever I think of snow in Gotham I imediately think of a 55 year Batman kicking the crap out of a Superman enshrined to President Reagan. I know that will never happen with Nolan’s series, but maybe he make take a hint from it and have Bane and Bats fight ala Dark Knight returns. I doubt it though, any predictions people make about what will happen in these movies are usually off.

  • Phin

    Nice way to rip off another respectable sites new story.

    • Two things:

      1) It’s not really “ripping off” — credit is CLEARLY given in the post to the source of the story.

      2) Respectable? “Ha ha ha ha, hahaha, ha, ha, ha, oh, a-hee-hee, ha ha, oh, hee ha, ahaha. And I thought *my* jokes were bad.”

      • Nofeardivr2

        Yes it is TOTALLY ripping off…when you take exact words and pictures from another site it is called PLAGERIZING….this site is run by a hack and he knows it.

        • Jett and I both got this photo by typing “Batcopter” into Google Images. The picture has nothing to do with plagiarism and sure our articles sound similar, but we’re both going off of the same 2 sentences of information. Jett and I have talked about it via email. There’s really nothing else to say. I’ve written over 100 articles here on Batman-News.com, including 8 that were sourced from BOF — I’ve never gotten a complaint before.

          • was88

            Well Jett thinks it’s plagering. I agree. We also know that you are the same pathetic person he had to take legal action against a few years ago for running a fake BOF. BOF is MUCH more respectable, that is why he gets real sources and access and you don’t. Try running your site with some integrity and maybe you’ll gain enough respect from WB that people will actually talk to you. Oh and its laughable how you prostitute your site on SHH’s forums as the “#1” site for Batman movie news. Yeah, okay. Keep on dreaming. One site has flashier design, the other has substance. We all know which is which. Cheers.

          • I don’t care if Jett thinks it’s plagiarizing; by definition, it’s not and accusing someone of doing so based on the criteria presented is a false accusation.

            That said, everything else I’m going to ignore because I’m guessing “Phin”, “Nofeardivr2” and “was88” are all the same troll.

          • I disagree @was88. Batman-News.com is 5 months old, and has been run with integrity since the day it launched. I think Batman-News.com is the best Batman movie site in the world, and according to the popular stat tracking site Alexa, Batman-News.com received more hits than BOF in the last week of January. I’m very happy with the success I’ve achieved in such a short amount of time, and I’m looking forward to what’ll happen in the future :)

            @SuperherooftheMonth — @Phin & @Nofeardivr2 are the same person.

        • If you’re going to accuse someone of plagiarism, please get your facts straight.

          From Mirriam-Webster:

          Plagiarize: to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own : use (another’s production) without crediting the source.

          So no, what Batman-News.com did IS NOT plagiarism, as the source was *clearly* stated.

          • was88

            I’m just me. I can’t speak for the other two people…although I’m pretty sure at least one is a fellow BOFer because he mentioned he left a comment here. I’m not a troll, I’m just calling you on your BS, “DaCrissaMan”. Everyone knows you ran a fake BOF site. Don’t you feel pathetic for being such a rip-off artist? It may not fit the dictionary definition of plagiarism however it’s still wrong. You made no attempt to make your news piece any different from Jett’s. Again, you trying to pass off this site as the “#1 source” for Batman movie news over on SHH is quite laughable. Just to make it clear I’m not some nutless anonymous troll, my name is Alex Sparks,my email is boffan1988@hotmail.com and here is my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100001430793720

            “I have taken off my make-up. Now, let’s see, if you, can take off your’s.”

  • was88

    I also have to say that it’s hilariously hypocritical of you to on the one hand, use BOF’s story as a “source” for a story on your own site…then turn around and bash BOF in the comments section here: “2) Respectable? “Ha ha ha ha, hahaha, ha, ha, ha, oh, a-hee-hee, ha ha, oh, hee ha, ahaha. And I thought *my* jokes were bad.” ”

    Yeah, respectable. That’s why BOF was granted a set visit on Batman Begins. Among many other things.

    • I never bashed BOF? What are you talking about? I like BOF and check it out daily. Did I mention Batman-News.com is 5 months old and got more traffic than BOF last week? I’m not in this for the set visits. I just wanted to create the best Batman website, and I feel like I’ve done that.

      Now please, everyone, continue discussing the possibility of TDKR shooting in NYC this week. I’ve been very lenient, but comments will start disappearing if it gets out of hand.

      • Anonymous


      • David G

        You allow people to bash BOF while still using that site as a ‘source’. It is your site and you are responsible for what ever is said here like it or not. If you ran a resepctable site you would not have to use other people’s exclusives as your news. Just man up and admit that within the last few years you blatantly ripped off his site/ logos/ news and in turn BOF came after you legally for copyright infringment.

        This story just shows the same pattern ‘Dacrissman’. Teasing a story and then linking BOF for the full story would have been okay…but what you haev done is stealing someone’s exclusive, as well as putting the exact same picture with it, story no matter the length. BOF has done so much for the Batman fans…people that don’t like him are nothing but jealous.

        I will be interested to see if you erase this message just as you did my prior one.

    • Um, Chris didn’t say anything negative about BOF….I did. Chris hasn’t had anything negative to say about BOF. At that, my comment (“…my jokes were bad”) was a *joke*. I am separate from Batman-News.com, 110%. Just a fan.

      That said, BOF does a fine job reporting news on Batman. However, a LOT of people, myself included, just have issues with Jett’s personality and how he runs the site. Ask around, that’s a fact. Don’t get your shorts in a bunch because there’s actual, good competition.

    • David G

      Yes I agree let’s use BOF as a source then bash it for being a crap site. If your site was a respectable one then you wouldn’t have to ‘source’ anything from anyone you would actually get exclusives like BOF does. Man up admit who you are DaCrissman, and admit that in fact you DID run a fake BOF news site on blogger and you had legal action taken against you.

      Now enough of my time has been wasted with you and your ‘#1 Batman news site…’

    • TheDarkNight4ever


      Is that you? Alex Sparks? You might claim to not be a troll, but you look like one. Go get laid dude, stay off the Batman sites and grab a shave if at all possible,

    • TheDarkNight4ever

      HOLY SHIT! A set visit?! NO WAY!…..ohhhhhhh man, oopp, yep, yeah i think i just shit my pants. A set visit? All i can say is yeeeeeee HA!….So what exactly does a website that doesn’t report spoilers do on the set of a movie? Interview camera men and set designers? That’s some pretty intense stuff Alex, does that stuff get you all fired up or what? I mean, I’m sure standing on the set of a movie gives your ego all kinds of boosts but what does that do for anyone else? Do they hand out free razors and shaving creame? If so, man…you need to get on the set ASAP brotha! You’d be a real “spark” to the set!

      “RW for Hugo Strange? Hmmmmmmmm” —– it’s a funny world we live in

  • Sweet! This is crazy because I had a dream or SOMETHING that filming would start early O.O Even if its just test shots or just the aerial shots, still pretty cool.

  • TheDarkNight4ever

    To: was88, David G, Phin, Nofeardivr2

    What are the odds that all four of those user names are all by the same person? Pretty stealth of you to post within a half-hour of each posting. Is that really the best you can come up with? Calling someone out for plagiarism and trying to rip a site that posted more traffic than the pathetic BOF last week? Come on dude, figure it out and get a clue. For a loyal BOF’er you certainly spend a lot of time surfing Batman-News, thanks for contributing to our traffic tho!

    People come to this site because it’s legit, it looks professional and we don’t have to deal with the miniature tile batman in background (yuck). Personally, and I speak for a lot of fellow Batman-News goers when I say that people simply can’t deal with the ego of a lowly website owner who tries to boast his own pathetic image, I’m sick of the “RW for Hugo Strange. HMMMMM”…crap then the guy backs out under, “well ya’all, ya know WB don’t want me sayin to ya’all how I know the real deal but you heard it hear first!”

    Yeah, enough of that. Personally I think you guys run that site like the way the Dallas Cowboys ran the Super Bowl, embarrassing. Go get some more tile background images and give me a call when ya’all figure out to embed some interactive designs on the #2 Batman Site on the net. Yeah I know, that one hurts, competition brings out the best in people and I guess we’ve seen the true color of BOF’ers.

    How about you guys stay close to BOF and help Jett pick out a new wardrobe, looks like those tight Batman shirts are starting to cut off circulation, watch out for that.

    And another thing, if your going to post, post under an actual account, everyone on here knows you can post under multiple names, multiple times. Your not the first guy to think of that.

    Plagiarism? bwhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah. If posting a story that 26 other news outlets picked up on is plagiarism, than I guess BOF has never been guilty of yellow journalism.

    hey hey hey….”RW for HUGO Strange. hmmmm”….that’s my favorite.