Wonder Woman 1984 trailer – Ride the lightning

At long last, we have the first Wonder Woman 1984 trailer! Wonder Woman 1984 has had quite a journey to release. It was originally scheduled...
Wonder Woman 1984 - Kristen Wiig - Cheetah - CCXP debut - 01

Kristen Wiig as Cheetah poster debuts at CCXP (UPDATED)

Patty Jenkins took to the stage on Sunday at CCXP in Brazil to debut a new look at Kristen Wiig as Barbara Ann Minerva...

Warner Bros. reportedly developing an Amazons of Themyscira movie

It seems that Warner Bros. may be developing another spinoff film from the mainline. After the surprise announcement that Aquaman would get a spinoff...

Wonder Woman braces for impact in Diamond Select’s new ‘Justice League’ Gallery

Justice League is a distant memory. Maybe you're one of those people who would rather forget it; or, maybe you're one of those people...
Wonder Woman 1984

Warner Bros. teases Wonder Woman 1984 trailer

Warner Bros. has released a teaser for the full Wonder Woman 1984 trailer that will arrive on Sunday. After what seems like ages we finally...

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Arrow Season 8, Episode 7

Arrow Season 8, Episode 7 Review – Purgatory

As Arrow comes to a close, it must end where it begins. The team wakes up not in Star City, not in Russia, but back...
Crisis on Infinite Earths - Trailer - Superman Death - 01video

Crisis on Infinite Earths trailer shows off dead Superman and more

With only a few days left until the beginning of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover on The CW, another new trailer has arrived. This...
Shutterstock - Peter Sarsgaard - Denis Makrenko

Peter Sarsgaard joins Matt Reeves’ The Batman

Matt Reeves took to his Twitter account on Friday afternoon to welcome Peter Sarsgaard to the cast of The Batman. The tweet simply said, "Oh......
Joker - Official Images - Final Poster - 1600 - Featured - 01

Joker heads back to IMAX for one week only

If you're in the mood for one more go at seeing Joker on a big (we mean, really big) screen, then head to your...
Black Lightning Season 3, Episode 8

Black Lightning Season 3, Episode 8 – Start a fight

I'm having so much fun watching Black Lightning this year. The occupation-and-resistance storyline has stayed strong thus far, and given me more than enough to...
Amazon Deals of the day - 12-06-19 - Game Sale - BMN - 01

Amazon one-day strategy game sale with markdowns up to 76% off

Amazon is running a one-day sale on various board games, role-playing systems, miniature warfare games, and a whole lot more. There are a ton...

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