Destruction in Gotham on set of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Photos have emerged from the set of The Dark Knight Rises in Los Angeles that show some destruction in Gotham. No characters are present, so it’s hard to tell what’s going on in terms of the story. I’d still consider these photos to be somewhat “spoilerish”, so check them out after the break if you choose. Big thanks to reader Steve for sending in the exclusive set photos!

Update: reader Josh has sent in some video. Check it out after the break.


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  • What is going on?!

  • Guest

    Well that looks strange ! If i had to make i WILD guess , its a trap for the Bat Wing get it in the tunnel then block up the exit !

  • it looks like they painted a tunnel of beatin up car crash or somthing bane did!

    • IainND

      Wile E. Coyote style.

  • Bbuzzel


  • Bbuzzel

    i thought filming ended! whats going on?

    • Michael Roberts

      filming ends in november


    not a clue

  • Guest

    What??!!These cars have been put on each other to block the way.Well,that is destruction.

  • Guest

    One thing is obvious:Nolan really wants to bring Gotham to maximum destruction.Given the things we’ve been told and shared so far,Joker’s threats to Gotham now seem very small and unimportant compared to Bane’s!!!

  • BulgarianBalehead

    I have a gut feeling that Michael Baysplosions is co-directing this with Chris Nolan… The end result will be an awesomeness overload. :D

  • I love this Website but it makes it so Hard to look away from these TDKR Spoilers.

  • Sammy Doja

    Fugg yeah
    Rack em up Rack em up LMAO.Gotham is going to be trashed and outta control.I can’t wait =)

  • h4v0k_528491

    bane blocking exits….

    just a theory

  • Garmanbozia

    It’s claimed that filming was taking place behind that “car wall”. I get the feeling that this mught be the prologue to the film, just a guess.