12 big reveals from the new ‘Batman v Superman’ trailer

7. Are those Parademons? Is Darkseid coming?

Are those Parademons? Is Darkseid coming?

We’ve seen bits and pieces of the supposed “Knightmare Batman” sequence before, but never these crazy flying creatures.  Now, you could write it off as some crazy dream that Batman has…or….you could look at them as Parademons, better known as the winged army of the godlike villain Darkseid.  The most prevalent rumor about the big bad in the two-part Justice League movie is Darkseid.  He is one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe and while he rules over the planet Apokolips, his intent is to conquer the universe.  In the comics he often invades Earth, making him a frequent enemy of the Justice League.  It would not be out of the question to have Doomsday defeated or vanquished in Batman V Superman and then in the third act of the film, Darkseid is introduced as the bad guy that causes the Justice League to be formed (and battle over TWO films).  This sequence could turn out to not be a nightmare at all, rather a vision of the future by somebody.  My bet is on Wonder Woman if it really is a portent of the future.  Perhaps she saw that Darkseid would come to Earth, exhibit some sort of mind control over Superman and turn him into his  warrior general, tracking down Batman and any enemy who opposes him.  As crazy as it sounds, with Justice League the next movie and Darkseid the rumored villain, these winged men look a little too much like Parademons.

8. Superman could kill Batman, but doesn’t

Superman could kill Batman, but doesn't

Ever since the title of the movie was released, the discussion has been over who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman.  Really, a fight between a god and a mortal.  How do you defeat somebody like that?  Kryptonite?  Battle Armor?  Sure, that will only get you so far before Superman punches you once and breaks your armor or throws you so far that you would be crushed on landing.  Really the only way to defeat Superman is for Superman to defeat himself.  Knowing that Superman doesn’t kill is a huge advantage to hold over him.  The repercussions from Superman killing Zod have been loud and resounding.  I’m sure the scream that he let out after he realized that he had snapped Zod’s neck was one of “why???”.  It has been two years since the events of that day and I’m sure he is much more in control of himself, but Batman is a master manipulator too and will use mental tricks to keep Superman off guard.  You hear it directly from the Man of Steel in the new trailer- “Stay down!  If I wanted it, you’d be dead already!”.  This just reaffirms it for us.

9. Doomsday!!


When we saw that quick shot of Zod’s face inside the zippered bag during the Comic-Con trailer this year, we immediately thought “Doomsday!!”.  The chatter after Man of Steel was about General Zod.  His body, armor and ships, weapons, etc., were laying around Metropolis after the battle ended.  What if somebody was enterprising enough to collect the body and alien technology and bring it back to his lab?  Yep, we saw Mercy Graves bringing a crate to Lex that said “Head” on it and we knew it was Zod.  The new trailer extends that sequence and we see Luthor actually creating Doomsday and unleashing him on the world.  Now, this only serves to confirm what the prevailing rumor was by many, many entertainment sites and message boards that Doomsday was the big bad in Batman V Superman.  Having a beast that is genetically modified AND Kryptonian in origin gives it a big advantage over Superman in terms of strength and power and is the main reason that Batman and Superman end up teaming up to fight the greater villain.  What would be insane and take a huge pair of balls by Zack Snyder and Warner Bros would be to take elements of the “The Death of Superman” graphic novels and use them in the movie.  For those unfamiliar with the graphic novel, Doomsday fights Superman in a giant battle and (spoiler) both apparently die from their wounds.  A funeral is held for Superman, with many of his friends attending, including the Justice League.  A mausoleum is built in Metropolis to honor him.  With Superman gone, crime goes up and new heroes need to step up in his place (hello Justice League!).  In actuality, Superman’s body is placed in a re-generator matrix in the fortress of solitude with the help of Cyborg and eventually comes back to life.  Could that giant Superman statue ACTUALLY be a mausoleum statue?  A funeral scene was filmed in Michigan and it could be one for the Man of Steel himself.  What if the movie ends with the Justice League formed and Superman dead?

10. Introducing Wonder Woman

Introducing Wonder Woman

Hello Wonder Woman!  More history being made as Wonder Woman appears on screen for the first time in a movie AND the first time we see her with Batman and Superman.  She makes quite an entrance don’t you think?  Saving Superman and Batman with her Amazonian shield and helping them to fight Doomsday.  We know she has awesome powers as seen from previous trailers- super speed and power blasts from hitting her bracelets together.

11. Humor!


Superman: Is she with you?

Batman: I thought she was with you.

Yes!!  Finally, we have humor in a DC trailer.  WB has gotten knocked for its DCEU being too grim, too realistic.  The other trailers (and the TV spot) have been dark and somber affairs while this new trailer takes a lighter tone.  The banter back and forth between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne is funny.  Lex Luthor introducing them to each other is hilarious and this scene from the trailer which takes the cake for perfect timing.  These words uttered after Wonder Woman jumps in and stops a blast from Doomsday that would surely have killed both Batman and maybe Superman too.  It’s nice to see that DC can have some humor in its movies (despite that rumor about a ban on jokes in DC movies).  While Marvel takes the prize for being mostly campy with their movies, DC can still be more gritty and realistic and throw in some comedic relief.

12. Trinity on screen together for the first time

Trinity on screen together for the first time

Do you remember where you were when you first saw the Trinity on screen together?  I could stare at this screencap all day.  It won’t make these next four months come any faster, but it will help keep my excitement up for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Even more history being made as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman all appear in a movie together for the first time EVER.  And for those that wanted to wait to see this moment in the movie theater… at least it’s only five seconds of one scene. Watching it on a small computer screen or mobile phone will not compare to what it will be like live and in IMAX on a giant screen with giant sound! Let’s just step back and enjoy the moment, shall we?

While this new trailer gave us a better look at the heroes and villains in Batman V Superman, it also left a lot of details out.  A major complaint about the trailer was that it gave the whole plot away.  I disagree.  We knew from the start that Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman would be united by the end of the movie to fight against a big, BIG bad and that it was in all likelihood Doomsday (confirmed!).  We still don’t know a lot.  Do Bruce and Clark know each other’s secret identities?  Do they know that Diana Prince is Wonder Woman?  How much of her story do we see in the movie since we see her both as Wonder Woman and Diana Prince.  How does Aquaman come into the picture?  What about those Flash and Cyborg cameos?  Will there be an even BIGGER bad revealed at the end of the movie which leads into the formation of the Justice League (and hence the first part of Justice League in November of 2017)?  We have less than four months until we find out!