10 Batman films that almost happened

8. Batman Triumphant (1999)


Schumacher’s second Batman film, 1997’s Batman and Robin, left the Caped Crusader’s legacy in tatters, having been critically battered right out of the gate, and demonstrating a poor box office showing to boot. This caused the Batman franchise to stall until Christopher Nolan finally took the reins in 2005 with Batman Begins.

Those ever-wise Warner executives, however, were expecting Batman and Robin to be a box office smash, and so were already prepping Schumacher’s next Batman effort, titled Batman Triumphant.

All of the principal players were signed to return, and the script, from Mark Potosevich (who later went on to scribe the box office smash I Am Legend), had the Scarecrow – reportedly to be played by Nicolas Cage – facing off against Bats.

An apparent subplot revolved around Harley Quinn – who rumours purport was to be played by…Madonna… – being revealed as The Joker’s daughter (as opposed to the conventional depiction as his girlfriend), and keen to avenge her father’s demise in Burton’s 1989 film. Nicholson was even enthusiastic to return in a dream sequence revolving around Batman being sprayed with fear gas and having to confront his parents’ killer.


So, what happened? Thankfully, Warner realised their daft approach, geared increasingly towards what sold lunchboxes, was idiotic, and shelved the film which, let’s face it, could have probably ended up making Batman & Robin seem half-way competent.

PHOTO SOURCE: ~madgesture