Detroit and Chicago ‘Batman vs. Superman’ shooting location rumors

A few months ago Batman News reader Chad sent me an email to let me know that he lived in the Detroit area and saw that a trailer for Stunt Rigs, Inc. was at the Michigan Motion Picture Studios. He assumed it was for Batman vs. Superman and I thanked him for the heads up. It wasn’t enough info for a news post here, but it was cool to know that pre-production was well under way.

Today, Chad is back with some details that are much more interesting. He says that he overheard a man at a local coffee shop who was wearing a Milo & Sage badge, talking about possible shooting locations. Milo & Sage is the working title for Batman vs. Superman. Here’s what Chad says he heard:

  • They wanted to film at the courthouse in Detroit at night, but because there would be loud weapons they ran into complications.
  • There was talk about shutting down some train crossings.
  • They were trying to find the right convenience store for a robbery scene.
  • A helicopter was supposed to land on COBO Hall in Detroit. The production wanted to blow a hole in the roof. However, COBO said no. They had promised to repair it, but COBO still said no. They’ll be heading to Chicago to shoot the scene with the helicopter and explosion.
  • There was also mention of possibly using the Masonic Temple in Detroit.

According to Chad, the Masonic Temple is a beautiful, old building in Detroit. He says it could easily stand-in for a courthouse and looks like a perfect Gotham City building — inside and out.

Unfortunately there’s no way for me to confirm any of this, but it sounds believable, especially when compared to the stuff that usually shows up in my inbox. There hasn’t been much Batman vs. Superman news so I figured I’d post these rumors for the sake of discussion. While I work on verifying this information, let me know what you think about it in the comments below.