Batman v Superman: Gal Gadot on auditioning with Ben Affleck, her boobs, and Wonder Woman’s powers

Gal Gadot recently did a new interview with Israeli website Ynet and it’s packed with lots of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice goodies. SuperHeroHype forums user omermer translated the interview, and I ran it by Batman News reader Maxim, who lives in Israel and has given me cool Gal Gadot news to post in the past. He said it’s a good translation.

Gadot admitted that she didn’t think her role in the Fast & Furious movies gave her a chance to shine and show her true acting abilities. She also revealed that she auditioned for Wonder Woman opposite Ben Affleck:

When I met Ben Affleck It’s weird to see him face to face after watching so many of his movies. He is a great actor and director but the nerves and tension wasn’t about him, it was about me. I had to find the right volume of voice and give a good performance.

But how can you? It’s almost impossible to be your best in an audition. 

When I got there they put me in a trailer and after all the hair and makeup I had to wait a few hours. Waiting is auditioners biggest enemy. I called [my husband] Yaron and told him I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t calm down. He told me ‘ Gal, put on Beyonce. Move around. Don’t sit there frozen’. I put on ‘Diva’ and started dancing. Just when the song ended, I was all flushed, there was knock on the door calling me in.


That’s the thing with me, I don’t get star struck over actors. On the other hand I just saw Shimon Peres in New York and I acted like a 12 year old girl. I think people like Peres or Hilary Clinton who are part of important decision making and part of historic moments impress me. Ben Affleck didn’t make me nervous. When I was young I really liked Madonna. I ran into her a month ago and got really excited. I told her ‘ Madonna, my Queen.’ Including a bow and everything. She looked at me like I was crazy but then we talked and she was really nice. Ben was really nice too. When we first met we talked about his movie ‘Argo’, the Middle East and our kids.”

Gadot also addressed the criticism from fans that she was too skinny and her boobs were too small for Wonder Woman.

When your casting was announced a lot of comic book nerds said that your body didn’t match Wonder Woman’s.

Don’t be shy. They said that I was too skinny and my boobs were too small. [laughs]

Were you offended?

I’m really lucky nothing in my life was instantaneous. When I was younger I would take criticism really hard. But now it mostly amused me. The true amazons had one boob so it won’t bother them in their archery. So it’s not going to be like real amazons. We always try to make everyone happy but we can’t.

But isn’t it embarrassing that your breast size became a topic of international discussion?

No. After they asked me here, in Israel, if I have eating disorders and why am I so skinny, they said my head was too big and my body was like a broomstick I can take anything. It’s just empty talk. I understand that part of what I’m doing means being exposed. And part of being exposed is being under fire (criticism).

Finally, Gadot revealed what powers fans can expect to see from Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

By the way, what are Wonder Woman’s powers?

She has unbelievable endurance. She is exceptionally strong. She can jump really high and practically fly. She know tons of martial arts styles. She is a strong and serious woman.